Paul Cherry

Paul Cherry

Paul has been farming at Weston Park Farms for 35 years with his brother John. Over the years the farm has expanded from 950 to 2,000 acres of arable (now all zero tilled) and 500 acres of pasture providing grazing for 150 head of commercial Beef Shorthorn herd of cattle. John and Paul started farming on a plough based system, but quickly moved to max-till, discing and pressing, but were aware that the heavy clay from which the farm comprises was getting more difficult to work. The window of opportunity when conditions were perfect seemed to be fewer and fewer. It was during a heavy autumn shower when they watched a neighbour’s ploughed field gradually forming rivers then gullies as the topsoil moved down the hill, while their side of the valley, still in stubble stayed put that they realised that it was time to do something.

Cover crops for soil, water and the environment

Conference Barn

Session led by Affinity Water, Alister Leggatt to chair with Paul Brown (Kings), Rebecca Inman (FWAG East) and Paul Cherry (Weston Park Farms). A discussion to talk about the wider uses of cover cropping and how to maximise these benefits whilst also increasing soil health and improving the water cycle.

Seminar Workshop