Pete Russell

Pete Russell


Pete Russell is the founder of Ooooby (Out of our own backyards), a decentralised marketplace for regional and ecologically sound food. Pete started Ooooby in New Zealand in 2010 due to a frustration of the lack of access to market for small-scale and independent food producers. Since then Ooooby has evolved into a sophisticated low cost online platform that facilitates the sales and logistics of food from hundreds of farmers to thousands of customers every week. Pete moved to the UK in the summer of 2019 and since then over 30 independently owned farms and food hubs have signed up and started using Ooooby here in the UK. Ooooby has recently received backing from impact investors, The A Team Foundation and Be The Earth Foundation.

Decentralising Food Supply Chains

Speaker's Corner

Economies of scale have produced a perpetual cycle toward ever increasing centralisation in the world of commerce. Centralisation has benefited society immeasurably over the last 100 years and we simply couldn’t have created the quality of life that most of us enjoy without it. But has it gone too far? Pete believes that the food […]