Peter Cartwright

Peter Cartwright


Over ten years at Revesby Estate in Lincolnshire, Farm Manager Peter Cartwright has taken the arable enterprise from a heavily tilled operation through to almost entirely direct drilling. He has altered the rotation dramatically to improve sustainability, uses no insecticides on winter wheat or beans, and has made big changes to the farm’s machinery policy. Regular open days are held on the farm to demonstrate the results of the farm’s regenerative agriculture approach. Peter also works closely with AHDB, and the farm hosts the AHDB national spring wheat trials.

Three Transition Tales (Practical Experiences of a Transition to Regenerative Agriculture)

Breakout Tent

How do I wean myself off the comfort blanket of cultivation? When will soil biology step up and help reduce my inputs? What’s the balance between long term husbandry and short-term profitability? Three farmers with different locations, soils and business sizes share their experiences of transitioning to regenerative agriculture. David White, George Fraser and Peter […]