Peter Grieg

Peter Grieg


Peter Grieg is the co-founder of Pipers Farm, which he started thirty years ago with his wife, Henri on their 50 acre permanent pasture farm in Devon. Now, they have established a sophisticated online marketplace for sustainably produced British meat, dairy and grains, which directly supports a network of 30 small-scale family farms.

Pipers Farm has long been committed to preserving small scale mixed family farms and allowing them to thrive without having to become increasingly industrialised in their operation. By focusing on each individual farm and the opportunities their land or crops present, they are able to support these businesses in diversifying their operations and provide a guaranteed and simple route to market.


Beyond The Farmgate – Supply Chain Opportunities

NIAB Seminar Tent

The need has never been so clear to build better routes to market, for new localised infrastructure, and more value to reach farmers to make an agroecological transition. Come hear about what opportunities there are, why this matters, and where we may look for support and investment in new, diverse markets.