Peter Leeson

Peter Leeson


Pete is a chartered surveyor and worked at the Woodland Trust for 30 years. About half that time he spent acquiring land / woodland for conservation projects in Northern England and Northern Ireland for the Trust. He changed 15 years ago to focus time advising landowners on woodland, hedge, wood pasture and other habitat creation. I have worked with all sorts of people creating wetlands, woodlands, wildflower projects and now have a special interest in regenerative agriculture. To celebrate 30 years in conservation I have just produced a podcast series called Tree Amble where I talk to farmers, land managers, ecologists about managing land for food, people and nature.

Future Proofing Dairy Farms Through Landscape Design

Speaker's Corner

How are dairy farms currently coping with extreme weather events? From heat stress in livestock, to drought and flooding, what can we do to improve farm resilience in a future where extremes become the new normal? This session demonstrates how designing farmed landscapes can help deliver for livestock, their health and welfare, the wider environment […]