Pieter Ploeg

Pieter Ploeg


Pieter has dedicated his efforts towards accelerating the transition towards a regenerative society on a thriving and resilient living earth for the last 15 years. He believes living healthy soil is the acupuncture point through which we can restore our relationship with nature and engage with biodiversity, food, climate and resilience challenges.

Currently he is part of the Commonland Foundation as Design Strategist and Facilitator with a focus on using Social Innovation Labs to cultivate transformative systemic change and create an enabling environment for the transition towards thriving ecosystems and communities. He currently coordinates the Bioregional Weaving Lab program in Europe.

He is also co-founder of Terranu, a regenerative learning farm in Waterford, Ireland. Their mission is to build soil and soul connections, diversify the land and ecosystem through regenerative agriculture, land stewardship and social learning.

Landscape Scale Regeneration – Connecting Ecology, Community & Culture

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