Pippa Chapman

Pippa Chapman


Pippa Chapman is a soil scientist and Professor of Biogeochemistry at the School of Geography, University of Leeds, She has over 30 years of research experience investigating the effects of land-use change and agricultural management practices on soil functions, nutrient cycling, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and water quality. She is currently working with Ruth Wade, Lisa Collins, Steven Banwart, and Gesa Reiss at the University of Leeds on the FixourFood project that aims to understand how to steward system transformations towards a regenerative food system using Yorkshire as a case study. We are currently exploring the opinions, opportunities, current activities and challenges associated with regenerative agriculture. This will guide our research efforts to provide practical, evidence-based information to support farmers in their transition to regenerative farming practices.

Regenerative Agriculture In Challenging Environments: Lessons From Farmers In Northern England

Newcastle University Stand C40

In 2022 both Leeds and Newcastle University launched projects related to regenerative farming in the north of England. We wanted to learn more about how farmers in our region have adopted and adapted regen ag practices to cope with sometimes challenging environmental conditions. As a first phase of the projects, surveys and discussions with farmers […]