Prof Jonathan Storkey

Prof Jonathan Storkey


Jon is a plant ecologist working in the field of sustainable weed management and the design of cropping systems and landscapes to reconcile crop production with biodiversity and Ecosystem Services. He has a particular interest in the application of functional ecology to understanding the assembly of weed communities under contrasting management scenarios. Jon’s primary areas of expertise are in the autecology and community dynamics of arable weed communities, requiring competency in botany, multivariate statistics, agronomy, process based modelling and field experimentation. Jon has also pioneered the approach of combining species level population dynamics models with databases of plant traits to predict functional shifts in weed floras in a response to a change in management or environment.

Regenerative Agriculture: What’s the Evidence?

Soil Tent

Bringing together ecological experts from Rothamsted Research and the British Ecological Society (BES), this session will discuss and evaluate the most up-to-date scientific evidence for regenerative agriculture. The panel will look at the effectiveness of the principles in achieving the desired outcomes, will highlight the gaps for future research and the opportunities for experimentation and […]