Prof Steven Newman

Prof Steven Newman


Steve Newman has been at the forefront of agroforestry development in the UK for over 30 years. He has held CEO positions in major UK forestry companies with commercial activities in the UK and over 90 Countries.

He holds visiting chairs in the School of Biology at Leeds University and the Agriculture Department University of Reading linked to his research interests. He is co editor of the leading textbook on temperate agroforestry and has published over 100 papers on agroforestry.

In the UK he helped to set up the largest network of farmer centred research trials (in the 1980s) and many of these are still in existence and act as important test sites and exemplars. The trials in including silvoarable systems with walnut, hazel and poplar and silvopastoral systems with ash and plum.

He is currently assisting with the development of high revenue agroforestry systems at the estate scale in a manner cognisant of current and future reforms in agricultural support.