Rebecca Inman

Rebecca Inman

Rebecca Inman is a Farm Environment Adviser for FWAG East with 22 years experience giving on-farm advice. Prior to this she worked for 7 years on a range of farm enterprises including sheep, dairy, beef and arable farms.  Rebecca has extensive experience preparing agri-environment scheme applications and helping farmers manage their agreements. She has been involved in a number of projects over the years on habitat and species conservation and on catchment management projects to help improve water quality.  She has a particular interest in hedgerows and is vice-chair of Hedgelink.  She also represents the FWAG Association on the CFE Delivery Group and the LEAF Marque Technical Advisory Committee. She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management and a Chartered Environmentalist.

Cover crops for soil, water and the environment

Conference Barn

Session led by Affinity Water, Alister Leggatt to chair with Paul Brown (Kings), Rebecca Inman (FWAG East) and a farmer. A discussion to talk about the wider uses of cover cropping and how to maximise these benefits whilst also increasing soil health and improving the water cycle.

Seminar Workshop