Rebecca Mayhew

Rebecca Mayhew


Rebecca farms with her husband Stuart and two children, Isobel and Jack in South Norfolk, where they’re converting the once intensively farmed 500 acres into a regenerative oasis. Enterprises include a 60 head raw Jersey dairy keeping calves and cows together, a suckler herd, sheep, pigs, goats, laying hens, and a farm shop, cafe, butchery and vineyard. Holistic Management training in 2020 has provided an invaluable framework for healing the farm, and helping run to run a diverse business, whilst engaging with other farmers, the public and local schools about climate change, farming practices and nutrient dense food.

Farming Profitability

Grass Tent

The primary driver of any farm business should be profit, right? This expert panel will offer a business masterclass in creating and running a profitable farm business featuring case studies of profit-focussed regenerative business models. It will cover top tips on managing the transition to agroecological farming and how different regenerative enterprise structures can be […]