Rich Summers

Rich Summers


Rich has worked in the British meat industry for over 30 years and gained an appreciation of the finest quality British livestock and game along with an admiration for those who dedicate their time to producing it.

Drawing upon his experience as a butcher, charcutier, slaughterman and occasional stockman he has developed a forensic knowledge of ethically farmed and humanely slaughtered livestock and the importance of how these factors influence meat quality and in turn, a healthy and balanced human diet.

Rich has now become a well-respected industry figure by using his vast knowledge of whole carcass butchery which has allowed him help producers develop a range of innovative, value added products ranging from cured and cooked meats, pies and ready meals, smoked meat products along with salamis and whole muscle air dried meats. He specializes in taking a complex academic and scientific process and sophisticated practical skills and imparting them to his clients guaranteeing the very best eating quality and food safety standards. He consults, Teaches and judges on a wide range of subjects.

An Innovative Butchery System That Optimises Whole Carcass Utilisation Delivering Higher Financial Returns, A Positive Impact On Society & The Environment

Yeo Valley Old Dairy Tent

Rich Summers talks about and shares his experiences of extracting more value from livestock production by shortening the supply chain. The typical farmer is lucky to get a modest wholesale price from whole carcass sales. However, by taking on some of the product development and intelligently processing the meat, there are significant margins to be […]