Richard Harding

Richard Harding


Everything I do is driven by a passion to produce great tasting, healthy and nutritious food. I believe we have to go beyond sustainability to being truly regenerative and see agriculture as an integral part of a circular economy. An unashamedly but realistic eternal optimist at all times seeking out new and better ways of producing food. I feel very lucky to have grown up in Sidmouth, East Devon and after studying Agriculture at Harper Adams now work as an agronomist passionate about working with innovative rural farm businesses across the South of England and beyond. At the core of future proofing the rural farm business is knowledge transfer and I feel very proud to be working with the team at Groundswell, food producers with a production system that unashamedly starts with the soil.

Linking Soil Health & Potato Production

Speaker's Corner

Highlighting the ability to grow potatoes in a regenerative way, producing good quality yields from good soil analysis, management, reduction in inputs but maintaining yields.