Richard Rawlings

Richard Rawlings

Based in South Northants I have 35 years of experience in broad-acre agronomy with customers farming in seven counties.

Most of my clients have regenerative principals at the heart of their business and over 70% of the acreage that I advise on is farmed in this way.

For those farmers and growers contemplating the transition from conventional to regenerative arable systems I can offer advice and experience gained from my own journey. I have always been interested in ecology, the environment, and the countryside I grew up in. This has fuelled my interest in sustainable systems that serve not only the market, but critically, the soil that provides for everything that we do.

I work with Farmers and Growers in various ways and can provide services that include short, medium, and long-term strategic advice, traditional crop walking and input management as well as insight into alternative methods and practices.

I am fully BASIS and FACTS qualified. I believe that in the future ‘classic’ chemistry may become more limited and you will require an even greater understanding of your soils, how they work and how you look after them. Groundswell Agronomy can provide you with excellent knowledge transfer and solid experience of regenerative agriculture. I look forward to your enquiries and providing you with the help and services you may require.