Richard Suddes

Richard Suddes


Richard started the regeneration agriculture journey 12 years ago on his family farm with the aim of cutting costs using Direct Drilling.  He soon realised that the purchase of a direct drill was only the first chapter of a developing story.

Richard believes one of the key factors to success is working in harmony with nature. By eliminating insecticides, growth regulators and significantly reducing fungicides and artificial fertilisers, the natural ecosystem food web has thrived.

The soil structure of the farm’s arable land is now outstanding.  Soil erosion is a thing of the past with field drains running clear after heavy rain due to high infiltration rates. Years of undisturbed roots of multi-species, farmyard manure and active worms enhance the soil year on year increasing organic matter.

Green Farming Collective Exposed

Yeo Valley Old Dairy Tent

The Green Farming Collective are a group of six farmers who met via the ‘Soil Farmer of the Year’ competition. We believe in regenerative agriculture and the benefits of reduced pesticides, increased carbon capture and improved biodiversity, thus preventing the pollution of water, air and soil. We all work hard to improve the habitats and […]