Rob Burtonshaw

Rob Burtonshaw


Rob Burtonshaw is a director at Farm Services Ltd, land drainage contractors based in Warwickshire. He is the third generation to run the company, founded in 1942. The company carries out agricultural land drainage nationwide with a fleet of specialist drainage machines all operating with GPS grade control. In 2012 Rob was awarded a Nuffield Scholarship providing a unique opportunity to study land drainage across the globe, entitled “Land drainage and its role in Farming’s future”. Rob visited some of the best drainage professionals in the world, both contractors and academics. Since completing his Nuffield, Rob has promoted land drainage giving hundreds of talks, appearing in the press and collaborating with other organisations to promote best practise in the industry.

Land Drainage – Our Most Valuable Asset?

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Water management is essential to ensure that land can reach its maximum potential whether in a regenerative or conventional system. Good land drainage has been the cornerstone of UK agriculture for thousands of years, improving soil structure and allowing water to be managed to avoid surface run-off, soil erosion, waterlogging and potential compaction. Protecting and […]