Rob Howe

Rob Howe


Rob co-founded LLM Farm Vets in Lancs where he continues in practice today.

Passionate about wildlife, the environment and opportunities within farming to bolster both, has led him to implement a range of novel services including ‘Integrated Parasite Management’ which focuses on dung beetles to engage even those not naturally predisposed to digging through pats or thinking about worms!

He has brought together an array of experts in this field to found the ‘Dung Beetle Trust’ which will compliment and expand the excellent work of DBFF.

Rob sees sustainable parasite control as an obvious entry point for vets to engage with less obvious areas such as biodiversity action plans, surveys and soil health services.

A 2021 Nuffield Scholar, exploring the role of farm vets have in regenerative agriculture will feed other roles within Vet Sustain, VetPartners and COWS to inspire and enable vets to play a successful role in agricultural transition.

What Can A Vet Offer The Regenerative Farmer?

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A vet’s oath is primarily to animal health. We believe regenerative principles and approaches offer fundamental solutions to significant animal health challenges. Integrated parasite management (IPM), incorporates some of these principles offering ‘wins’ for animal health, farm profitability, the environment and yes, even vet practices! The dung beetle has grown in prominence over the last […]