Rob Raven

Rob Raven


Rob Raven farms a wide range of crops and soil types around the Norfolk/Suffolk border. He began direct drilling his family farm in the early 2000’s with a home-made tine drill, and now incorporates livestock, cover cropping and reduced inputs, farming as far as possible within the principles of regenerative agriculture. Having had success with the techniques, he now provides regenerative contract farming services on several nearby farms, as well as farm management services on two local country estates which are transitioning to regenerative agriculture. Now responsible for crops and livestock across 10,000 acres, this increased scale has allowed him to invest in the right equipment for the job, employ specialist advisors, and participate fully in projects like the Groundswell Benchmarking group.

Introduction to Groundswell Agronomy & Benchmarking

NIAB Seminar Tent

A common comment by farmers and attendees of Groundswell is how to take the next practical steps on a path to a more regenerative farming system? Hear how Groundswell Agronomy is designed to provide the right advice to assist farmers in future proofing their rural farm business. Benchmarking against other similar businesses is crucial and […]