Rosy Benson

Rosy Benson


Rosy has been a Baker for over 10 years gaining experience in Bristol, London (notably e5 Bakehouse in Hackney) and the US following her interests into farming, sustainability and good food before opening Field Bakery on Gothelney Farm in Somerset. Here she stone mills Fred’s grain and bakes for the local community as well as milling flour for other bakeries in the South West Grain Network. The Bakery delivers loaves into Bristol and is open each Saturday for customers who visit the farm. The Bakery also holds professional workshops and network events to help build a movement of environmentally engaged bakers working with diverse grains supporting farms in their locality.

Doing the Time: Working Towards the Decriminalisation of our Seeds

Big Top

It’s increasingly well understood that crop diversity holds the answer to many of the pressing problems we face, from resilient food production in the face of climate change to chronic diet-related ill health. But one of the most potent tools at our disposal is currently illegal: the trade in genetically diverse cereal seeds. By their […]