Sally-Ann Spence

Sally-Ann Spence


Sally-Ann is a Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society and the Linnaean Society as well as an Honorary Associate at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. She specialises in dung beetles and pastureland biodiversity and founded the UK Dung Beetle Mapping Project accumulating species data. A passionate advocate of British farming and biodiversity, she does a great deal of scientific public outreach at her ‘Berrycroft Hub’ centre on her farm, at various events and on all media platforms including television.

Dung Beetles – A Farmers’ Friend

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Dung beetles are key ecosystem engineers and offer huge benefits in the agricultural landscape. Their numbers have declined significantly for several reasons including changed brought about by modern farming practices and the use of livestock wormers. They not only save farmers money, but they significantly contribute to the wider eco-system in the process. Find out […]