Sam Baumber

Sam Baumber


Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer of Industrial Nature Ltd based in Edinburgh, Sam is part of the team establishing sustainable manufacturing capability for UK grown and made bio-based materials for a range of markets at scale.

The first IndiNature Mill became operational in in October 2022 drawing on the textiles and manufacturing heritage of the Scottish Borders and having raised £7M over 7 years since incorporation in 2016. First natural fibre insulation products are now available through UK wide distributors. A range of products including the IndiBreathe system are in development and will follow soon.

Re-building the supply chain for hemp and flax is a key challenge in the UK, and IndiNature is working with partners across the country to ensure the infrastructure and relationships are in place.

Over 25 years Sam has led social enterprise and mission-led businesses from start-up to scale.  Most recently as Managing Director of SEA International CIC, over the last decade Sam led scaling through export and replication, developing an open innovation network of 15 country teams, 60 staff and 100+ associates across Europe, Africa and Asia.

With a love of wild places, a background in nature conservation and environmental education with the John Muir Trust, and as a geographer by trade, Sam finds peace in photography and adventure with serendipity and spontaneity as his favourite guides.