Sam Watson Jones

Sam Watson Jones


Sam is a fourth generation farmer from North Shropshire with a desire to make farming better. Since taking over the family farm six years ago, he has grown both revenues and profits by 60%, unusual in a low growth industry. His focus in the arable enterprise is on finding ways in which technology can help to grow productivity and efficiency as margins continue to shrink.

Sam was previously a management consultant at Accenture. He specialised in global technology implementations of minimum $100m, leading multisite teams of 100+ people.

Sam is extremely well connected in the farming industry through initiatives such as NFU Development Programme and Monitor Farm Programme. He has used this network to secure commercial trials of the technology in 2018.

Sam also has a strong track record for philanthropy. He successfully launched Jamie’s Farm in 2008, a charity working with deprived children on behavioural issues through residential courses on farms.

On graduating, Sam also successfully completed the Teach First two year elite leadership programme. Working in a challenging inner city secondary school, Sam became deputy head of the GCSE year and set up a student allotment scheme.

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Ruby Wax in conversation with Sam Watson Jones, guided by Joanna Cherry.