Sarah Prosser

Sarah Prosser


Sarah is currently employed as a ‘weaver’ of social-ecological change in Ireland as part of the European network of Bioregional Weaving Labs. She also works in Norway as an academic within the fields of social innovation and community development and with a national network of urban neighbourhood incubators she founded in 2016. Previous positions include being director for Ashoka and the British Council in Norway, founding a Human Rights Film Festival in Oslo, working internationally with the Law of the Seas at UNEP and being a geologist with a passion for maps and rift systems.

Landscape Scale Regeneration – Connecting Ecology, Community & Culture

Grass Tent

How can people work together and think about land restoration beyond just their own farm? We hear about three initiatives which demonstrate just how much community resilience can be achieved when farmers are able to collaborate. The kind of support that Commonland provides could help farmers to collectively navigate the tensions many are experiencing on […]