Seth Itzkan

Seth Itzkan


Seth Itzkan is cofounder of Soil4Climate, an international nongovernmental organization advancing the science, policy and practice of soil restoration as a climate solution. It expands and brings exposure to the community of researchers, producers, legislators, entrepreneurs and concerned citizens working in the areas of regenerative agriculture and soil carbon enhancement.

Soil4Climate provides support to regenerative grazing and agroforestry projects in multiple countries in East Africa including Maasai herders in Kenya and Tanzania. It maintains a compendium of peer-reviewed research and a database of soils legislation.


Keepers Of The Thermostat: How Farmers & Ranchers Can Be Climate Heroes

NIAB Seminar Tent

In this session, Itzkan will discuss how, over tens of millions of years, grasslands have acted as a literal “thermostat” of the climate, keeping the temperature of the planet relatively steady despite multiple opportunities for it to run to extremes — becoming either an “Ice House Earth” such as Mars, or a “Hot House Earth” […]