Shaun Dowman

Shaun Dowman


Shaun Dowman is an environmental scientist with over 15 years experience of working within academia, environmental regulation and the water industry. Shaun’s work has focused on how land management can influence the health and resilience of the UK’s waterways. As agricultural advisor for Affinity Water his work targets catchment solutions that help improve water quality and reduce reliance on water treatment. Using knowledge of land management and the aquatic environment he works with farmers to help safeguard drinking water catchments and enhance the farmed environment.

Affinity Water are a water supply company operating in the south-east of England and as the proud headline sponsor of Groundswell 2021 are keen to promote farming practices that are beneficial for soil, water and the wider environment.

The Role of Beavers in Water Catchments

Discussion Tent

Beavers are agents of change. They can help regenerate water catchments, bring back diversity, add flood and drought resilience and improve water quality. Beaver reintroductions are happening now in many parts of the UK. Archie Ruggles-Brise from the Spains Hall estate in Essex will introduce his example of a beaver release into an enclosure at […]


Rainfall Simulator

Big Top

See the dramatic effect of two inches of rainfall on soils under different management regimes: no-till and cultivated, with and without cover and under permanent pasture.