Sheila Cooke

Sheila Cooke


Sheila Cooke, BA, MBA, is an educator of Holistic Management, which enables farmers to regenerate soils, increase profitability and improve quality of life. As hub leader for 3LM, Land and Livestock Management for Life, and an Accredited Field Professional with the Savory Institute, Sheila is developing a network of Learning Hubs, Accredited Educators, and Ecological Outcome Verified producers of food and fibre. Sheila developed the Land Discovery Tour, together with her husband Christopher, as a means of quickly familiarising people with the language of the land.

Land Discovery Tour

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What is the health of your land? Is it in a regenerative state or is it degrading, and how do you know? The Land Discovery Tour assesses the Four Ecosystem Processes to determine the health of grassland soils. The Water Cycle tells us how well soils soak up every drop of rain. The Mineral Cycle […]