Simon Maynard

Simon Maynard


As Butchery Manager at Macknade, Simon has varied experiences within the food sector, including as a chef in some of the country’s leading restaurants.

Before being involved in the food scene Simon was heavily involved in competitive freestyle skiing, achieving a high ranking in the UK scene and becoming part of the England freestyle mogul ski team.

He entered the in 2014 taking on a role at a venison farm. He moved to Macknade in 2017 and now has the leading role within the butchery, constantly striving to achieve 100% providence and a greater understanding of animal welfare, linking this in to the quality of the product and communicating to the end consumer.

How to engage with consumers

Agricology Discussion Tent

Exploring supply chains and marketing options and know-how for farmers selling in to butchers, consumers and retailers. Session hosted by the Pasture Fed Livestock Association.

Marketing Panel