Simon Porter

Simon Porter


Simon has been leading his families Hampshire arable farm down an increasingly regenerative route for the last 20+ years. With the introduction of a vineyard in 2018, Simon was insistent that the vineyard should also reflect the farms ethos that healthy soil and diverse cropping results in better crops and good farming. Penn Croft Vineyard started out as one of the UK’s first regenerative vineyards and is still experimenting with living mulch, cover crops and no soil movement, resulting in improved vine health.

Regenerative Viticulture in the UK

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Vineyards are one of the fastest-growing agricultural sectors in the UK, with over 4,000 hectares now planted. Yet vines are extremely susceptible to fungal diseases, and it is very hard to grow them profitably with minimal inputs. In this session we aim to bring together some of the leading proponents of regenerative viticulture to explore […]