Sophie Cath

Sophie Cath


Sophie Cath is a Business Development Manager at Eurofins Agro Testing UK & Ireland. Coming from a farming background in Berkshire and studying agriculture at Aberystwyth University, Sophie has gained experience within trials, precision agriculture and buying and selling of agricultural commodities before joining Eurofins. She has a real passion for sustainable agriculture and sharing viable solutions for farmer customers all over the UK.

Technological Advances In Soil Analysis

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Farmers are continually advised to take a ‘holistic approach’ at improving their soils and growing crops. The question is, how do you quantify a ‘holistic approach’ effectively and economically? Eurofins Agro has developed cutting edge techniques to effectively and economically measure soil health, such as Phospholipid Fatty Acid (PFLA) analysis and Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) […]