Steven Jacobs

Steven Jacobs


Steven Jacobs is business development manager at Organic Farmers & Growers C.I.C. Steven has been working in food and farming for 30+ years, from market gardening to broadscale agriculture then on to retail, via catering. Following work with the Permaculture Association, the Co-operative Wholesale Society, Fresh & Wild (now Wholefoods Market) and Essential Trading Co-operative, Steven joined Organic Farmers & Growers in 2007. OF&G is the largest certifier of organic land in the UK. Steven is a co-founder of UK Grain Lab and director of the National Organic Conference, OF&G’s annual event, now in its 16th year. He is deputy co-chair of the Welsh Organic Forum and works closely with the Welsh Grain Forum, the Wales Real Food and Farming Conference, the West Midlands Grain Network and the Shropshire Good Food Partnership.

Doing the Time: Working Towards the Decriminalisation of our Seeds

Big Top

It’s increasingly well understood that crop diversity holds the answer to many of the pressing problems we face, from resilient food production in the face of climate change to chronic diet-related ill health. But one of the most potent tools at our disposal is currently illegal: the trade in genetically diverse cereal seeds. By their […]