Tessa Etkin-Silver

Tessa Etkin-Silver


Tessa Etkin-Silver is an Investment Director at Be the Earth. Be the Earth is a hybrid organisation investing both for profit (venture capital) and for purpose (philanthropy) to strengthen local and regenerative food systems and protect indigenous practices and land. Be the Earth works collaboratively with individuals and organisations that are regenerating soil, igniting souls and repurposing society.

Tessa is interested in the complex relationship between profit and purpose and is exploring systems that allow funders and farmers, activists, and entrepreneurs to work together to effectuate change.

The Role of Finance in the Regen Transition

Old Dairy

We will explore the role of money, finance and investments in scaling regenerative approaches with a Farmer (Jeroen Klompe, farmer and cofounder Soil Heroes), Investment Platform (Dan Miller Steward), Agrifood company (Kirsty Saddler, New Foundation Farms) and Investor Tessa Etkin-Silver (Be The Earth Investments).