Tom Allen-Stevens

Tom Allen-Stevens


Tom Allen-Stevens is an arable farmer in Oxfordshire and founder of BOFIN, a network of 480+ members who carry out on-farm trials, looking for a more scientific approach to progressing farm practice. Tom is an award-winning journalist with 24 years’ experience in communications to an arable farming audience and collaborating with farmers on field trials. He is a former director and chair of Oxford Farming Conference.

Mycorrhizal Fungi – What the Soil Squad Found

Grass Tent

Dr Tom Thirkell of Crop Science Centre reveals initial results from the first ever national survey of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in arable soils, from samples sent in by members of the British On-Farm Innovation Network (BOFIN), including from Groundswell’s own Lannock Manor Farm, sampled by John Cherry. BOFIN’s Tom Allen-Stevens discusses the next steps for […]