Tom Heap

Tom Heap


Tom is a journalist and author covering science, environment, farming and energy stories. He is a regular presenter of BBC Countryfile on TV and Costing the Earth on BBC Radio 4. The podcast series ’39 Ways to Save the Planet, emerged from a determination to celebrate the successes in our fight against climate change. Knowing where we are winning informs, inspires and stems anxiety. Tom started out wanting to make movies but while working as a sound man for Sky News he gained a taste for journalism. At BBC News he was a producer on the Today Programme, transport correspondent, science and environment correspondent and ended up specialising in rural affairs.

Outside of work Tom likes to ride bikes, paddle canoes, chop wood, watch films and grow chillies.

Carbon Uncharted Waters

Big Top

Tom Heap chairs a diverse panel to discuss the uncharted waters of the carbon opportunities for farmers and landowners. Hear from a regenerative farmer how he’s selling his carbon alongside another who is holding off. There’s plenty of time for audience participation so bring all of your unanswered questions.