Tom Heathcote

Tom Heathcote


Tom is an experienced Agri-Business consultant and is head of Agri-Consultancy at Knight Frank. He considers himself fortunate to advise a diverse range of farming businesses across the UK. He has a real passion and enthusiasm for conservation agriculture and regenerative farming and believes that land can continue to be used for food production whilst preserving and enhancing the natural environment around it. Tom has a particular interest in the introduction of livestock onto arable holdings and works to facilitate this by linking livestock and arable farmers together.

Introduction of livestock into the arable rotation

Old Dairy

Arable farms operate in a volatile market place with limited influence over their input costs and their output is globally commodity subject to unpredictable fluctuations and external influences. With plateauing yields, cost control is key to maintaining profit margins and many farmers are now looking to other methods of land management to help improve soil […]