Tom White

Tom White


Tom White is part of Yeo Valley’s agriculture team, who helped to launch the £2m Carbon Soil Project with Yeo Valley’s supplying organic dairy farms and recently concluded a three-year soil carbon testing pilot at Yeo Valley Organic’s own farm in Somerset.

Tom has been overseeing Yeo Valley Organic’s agroforestry project that is measuring the potential of wood pasture systems to produce forage for livestock at different tree and animal densities, helping to increase the amount of stable soil carbon in woodland areas and enhancing biodiversity.

Can Milk be Green? Uncovering the Potential of Regenerative Dairying

Grass Tent

Grass based dairy systems are often seen as carbon inefficient using traditional metrics. This session will focus on the key questions around the future of UK dairy farming challenging the narrative provided by these metrics. It will highlight existing activities undertaken by three different milk processors and cooperatives to measure the impact of changes in […]