Tom Woodcock

Tom Woodcock


Tom Woodcock is the Growers’ Coordinator at Hempen, a workers’ coop founded in 2015 to breathe life back into the UK hemp industry. We turn our hemp into nutritious food products and cosmetics, we also provide hemp consultancy and have helped many farmers through the licensing and growing of hemp for both seed and fibre. Tom is also working on a tree planting and compost making project funded by the Forestry Commission to develop a ‘living soil’. Peat will be banned by 2024, this year we are trialling our living soil with 60,000 trees across three tree nurseries.

Hemp Processing Demo

Safari Tent

Join Hempen, Contemporary Hempary and Julian Thompson for a hemp fibre hand processing demo and hemp seed oil tasting session. Hemp seed oil is full of vitamins A, B, C, E, essential fatty acids, and carotene, an ideal brain food. Julian will share some exciting developments in hemp construction including that of hemp wood. Founders […]