Tommi Miers

Tommi Miers


Cook, writer, presenter and winner of MasterChef, Tommi co-founded Wahaca in 2007, winner of numerous awards for its food and sustainability credentials. In 2016 the whole restaurant group went carbon neutral and half of its menu is vegetarian. Tommi’s passion lies in food and its power to positively impact people, health (both mental and physical) and the environment. She was a founding member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association in 2009, helped set up Chefs in Schools in 2017, for which she is a trustee and was awarded an OBE in 2019 for her services to the food industry.

Tommi has a weekly column in the Guardian’s Feast magazine and lives by her firm belief that three times a day we have the chance to save the planet through what we eat, which is hopefully always delicious!

How Public Procurement Can Revolutionise Public Health & Farming

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Denmark set an ambitious public procurement goal of 30% organic in 2012, and it has seen a revolution in the food served in hospitals, schools and prisons, as well as in private companies with a five fold increase in organic food production over ten years and with over 90% publicly procured food served in Copenhagen […]