Wing Mon Cheung

Wing Mon Cheung


Wing Mon Cheung is a British Chinese baker, currently Head Baker at Landrace Bakery in Bath where the focus is very much on sourdough bread made with stoneground U.K. grains. Landrace is also a shop and a restaurant.

Raised in her parents’ restaurant, she was always interested in food and briefly studied patisserie before falling in love with bread. Over the last 9 years she has headed up bakeries in Manchester, London & Paris.

Wing Mon views bread as a way of making connections with people and forming community. She also advocates for more diversity in baking, milling and farming.

Rise of Real Bread

Speaker's Corner

Join us for an all female line-up of bakers and heritage grain-growers taking real bread to the masses, and getting more diversity into our bread and our guts. Hear how they’re using local, regeneratively grown grains to produce food that nourishes their community. As more bakers and food citizens get behind the new grains movement […]