British Plant Dyes – Diverse Scales & Approaches

Breakout Tent

Following on from last year’s panel this discussion will explore diverse approaches to the continued exciting development of British grown plant dyes. We will present three projects at varying scales from foraging to micro enterprise and farm scale production.

Babs Behan from Botanical Inks will share findings from a recent project for South-West England Fibreshed on native and invasive dyes. Sophie Holt from Pigment dyes will discuss the operation of a micro enterprise, supporting both land and people through growing and processing dyes for artisans and small businesses. At the other end of the scale, Jasper is an ambitious initiative driven by William Hudson (Hodmedods) with the aim to remove the oil from our backs. Jasper plans to grow natural fibre and dye for clothing and other products, supporting short supply chain development. All three scales will share their experiences to date and future plans.