Becky Willson

Becky Willson


Becky is the business development and technical director for the Farm Carbon Toolkit, a farmer-led organisation providing tools and resources focusing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving soil health and carbon sequestration and promoting business resilience for farmers. Becky has been leading work on measuring and managing soil carbon for the last 4 years and is working with farmers, estates, supply chains and other businesses to help understand how to integrate soil health into carbon accounting systems.

Becky also co-ordinates the Soil Farmer of the Year awards, which reward farmers who are passionate about soil health, and are pioneering new methods of farming that put soil health at the centre of their business management. She is also a Nuffield scholar, looking at how to better communicate carbon and climate change to inspire engagement. Although she has now fully crossed the boundary from dairy farmer into running FCCT, at home in Devon she runs a thriving community farm on a National Trust estate.

Agriculture & Climate Change…Who is Responsible for What?

Speaker's Corner

With all the flack being chucked at farming for being responsible for a large proportion of greenhouse gas emissions, our panel delves into the truth behind some of these figures