Ben Taylor-Davies

Ben Taylor-Davies


Ben Taylor-Davies, born and raised on a farm in Ross-on-Wye before studying geography at Liverpool University. A job as an agronomist was going extremely well until 2012 when our son was involved in a horrific car accident which changed everything, forever and had a huge impact on my mental health. A Nuffield scholarship in 2016 ensued where I studied blackgrass but much more than that was fortunate to travel the world and look at all aspects of farming, it was time to put the fun back into farming and my job and regenerate my mind, regenerative agriculture and it’s principles as quite literally saved me!

Regenerate Your Mind

Kellogg's Origins Soil Tent

Regenerative agriculture is so much more than soil, plants and livestock. We speak so much about the importance of diversity and this should of course encompass people. This session will look at the social aspects of regenerative agriculture and delve into why it was fundamental in helping me overcome my mental health issues and opened […]


Do Potatoes Have A Place In A Regen System?

Speaker's Corner

Drawing on a range of real world examples this session explores how no-till potatoes have a place in a regenerative farming system and also poses the question ‘What should be the most sustainable carbohydrate source in our diet today?’