Calixta Killander

Calixta Killander


Calixta’s journey into farming began when she spent 6 and a half years working on a range of organic farms across the USA, from tropical fruit and nut production in Hawaii to farming 150 acres in Massachusetts using only working Belgian Draft horses. Flourish was founded in 2017 when she returned to the UK to grow unusual produce for chefs with her heavy horses Bill and Ben.   

Initially just a market garden, the farm now grows vegetables, herbs, heritage grains, salads, flowers and fruit on 56 acres, with an ever-expanding product list as the farm diversifies more and more.  

The whole ethos behind Flourish is to cultivate healthy soil, encourage biodiversity and to produce beautiful, nutrient dense food using ecological growing techniques, all supplied to the consumer directly, without a middle man.   

Flourish Produce: Specialty Crops Grown for Chefs

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With a great many challenges facing agriculture, Calixta and her team are building a resilient modern farm business focused on building biodiversity and resilience. Learn about how Flourish produces the highest quality niche crops using ecological growing practices, supplied to chefs and home cooks directly, without a middle man.