Catherine Chong

Catherine Chong


Catherine Chong is an ecology, social, governance (ESG) advisor and activist. Catherine advises companies, institutional investors, and governments on linking corporate decisions to socio-ecological impacts, including climate-related risks. Her experience includes developing national and global sustainability accounting and reporting standards for a number of industries, including finance, food, and fashion.

Catherine grew up in a farming family and saw firsthand the adverse impact of industrial farming on her family and community in the global south. In 2020, she co-founded Farms to Feed Us CIC to champion small-scale agroecological and regenerative farming in the UK. She is also an advisor to C.L.E.A.R., a consortium lobbying for information on how our food is farmed and processed to be made mandatory on food labels in the UK.

How Is Hospitality Embracing A Regenerative Approach To Sourcing?

Breakout Tent

As hospitality eyes up the regenerative agriculture space, how are they taking a different approach to working with farmers? How are chefs and restaurant owners adopting a regenerative and agroecological mindset in their approach to creating and managing sourcing relationships directly with farmers and producers? This panel will hear from farmers, chefs and wholesalers doing […]