Catherine Chong

Catherine Chong


Catherine Chong is an ecology, social, and governance (ESG) advisor and agroecological activist. She leads engagement at C.L.E.A.R., a consortium lobbying for the information on how our food is farmed and processed to be made mandatory on all food labels in the UK.

Catherine grew up in a farming family and saw firsthand the adverse impact of industrial farming on her family and community in the global south. As an ESG advisor, Catherine advises companies, institutional investors and governments on linking corporate decisions to socio-ecological impacts, including climate-related risks. Her experience includes developing national and global sustainability accounting and reporting standards for a number of industries, including finance, food, and fashion. In 2020, she co-founded Farms to Feed Us CIC to champion small-scale agroecological and regenerative farming in the UK.

Is it Time to Certify Regenerative Agriculture?

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One of the first issues in discussions about how to scale up Regenerative Farming is the challenge of defining it. What exactly constitutes Regenerative Agriculture? What does a farmer have to do to become ‘regenerative’? What is ‘regeneratively produced’ food? This lack of strict rules and focus on principles and context is, to some proponents, […]