Clare Hill

Clare Hill


Clare Hill is Regenerative Agriculture Director at FAI Farms leading both the regenerative transition on the 1200 acre farm under her care and regenerative programmes and projects with FAI’s food business clients. The farm transition began with a desire to remove grain from ruminant diets and reduce housing costs but are now operating a full Adaptive Multi Paddock grazing system and have passed their Ecological Outcome Verification with the Savory Institute in their first year.

Clare and her team have been through a transformation in the way they make decisions and approach the management of the farm. Recognising that the unlearning and relearning which had taken place has been key to the success of their transition, FAI are working on training and support for other people interested in regenerative agriculture through the whole supply system from farmers to retailers.

Use of the Soil Mentor app has been key in the team learning more about what is going on in their soil. Clare’s biggest revelation has been around infiltration rates following such wet winters and dry springs which we have seen in the last couple of years.

A Regenerative Journey

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The story of an Oxfordshire farm transitioning to a fully regenerative approach in 2 years – a life-changing experience on so many levels.