Clare Hill

Clare Hill


Clare is a regenerative farmer with a wealth of experience at policy and corporate level. She has enjoyed roles across the full-spectrum of the agri-food world since the early 2000s.

Clare is from Planton Farm, Shropshire. Planton Farm demonstrates the art of what is possible for livestock and perennial food systems – through cattle, chicken, a perennial market garden and a food forest. Planton is home to ‘Ultimate Chicken’, a venture exploring what it means to produce deeply regenerative chicken.

Clare cofounded and runs the mentoring transition programme ‘Roots to Regeneration’, supporting farmers and food professionals in their regen transition.

Regen Field Trip: Observation Deep Dive Including SFIs & Beyond

Safari Tent

Dig into the underworld of soil with a practical demo of how to do in-field observations for regenerative farming. Learn how to monitor the 10 Regen Indicators in the field diving into key indicators at different stops with the Soilmentor team and see how you can use the Indicators and many other observations in Soilmentor […]


Breed Sovereignty: Breed & Trait Selection for Regenerative Farming Systems

Speaker's Corner

Current animal genetics are owned and operated globally by very few companies who have created a small number of food animal breeds. Such breeds are selected to achieve maximum outputs of products within a system that relies on damaging inputs. Supported by results from Planton Farm’s Regenerative Trait selection project, this session will look to […]