Harry Dyer

Harry Dyer


Shrub began two years ago during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic with the aim of shortening supply chains, and improving relationships and understanding between producer and customer. Shrub works directly with UK farmers with a focus on soil health and rejuvenation and is 100% transparent in their sourcing with their customers. We stand against the green-washing that is rife across multiple industries but particularly in the food industry and aim to arm customers with the information and knowledge required in order to discriminate between what’s good and what’s not.

How Is Hospitality Embracing A Regenerative Approach To Sourcing?

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As hospitality eyes up the regenerative agriculture space, how are they taking a different approach to working with farmers? How are chefs and restaurant owners adopting a regenerative and agroecological mindset in their approach to creating and managing sourcing relationships directly with farmers and producers? This panel will hear from farmers, chefs and wholesalers doing […]