Liz Genever

Liz Genever


Liz loves working with progressive farmers who want to challenge their sheep and beef systems – particularly those introducing livestock into an arable business. She has a technical background in sheep and beef fertility and breeding and grass and forage management. Since visiting New Zealand in 2008, she developed tools and techniques to help UK beef and sheep farmers to improve their knowledge of grass and forage management. She is a partner in her family farm with arable, sheep and beef enterprises in south Lincolnshire.

Animals To Arable: The Holy Grail of the Golden Hoof

Speaker's Corner

Will mixed farming become the future of UK agriculture? Building on the keen interest from our recent conference Animals to Arable, this panel discussion explorers the benefits and barriers to the reintroduction of livestock to farms that are currently all arable . Drawing on from our 3-year research study into the barriers to improving soil […]