Mark Lea

Mark Lea

Now in its 20th year since organic conversion, Green Acres, Marks 450ac farm in Shropshire is built on the belief that sustainability requires diversity. The rotation is mixed with clover leys grazed by cattle and sheep, as well as producing red clover seed. Cropping includes milling oats, peas for human consumption grown for Hodmedods and this year 14 different milling wheats for direct sale to millers and bakers. Companion cropping, diverse cover crops and agroforestry all contribute to the resilience of the farm. A green-waste composting enterprise receives 5000tpa of kerbside garden waste, with all the resulting compost used throughout the rotation to improve the soil.

Innovative Farmers – Improving soil health through farmer-led research

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Farmers often innovate and experiment in isolation. Only 1% of research money is currently going towards farmer-led agricultural projects, with much of the rest going to top down research which often tries to parachute products onto farmers, increasing the input bill. Innovative Farmers is trying to change this. Matching the ideas and expertise of farmers […]