Matthew Adams

Matthew Adams


Matthew Adams is Co-Founder and Director of Growing Real Food for Nutrition CIC (Grffn). Matthew is a Deep Ecologist and Holistic Environmental Manager (BSc).  Beginning work life as a mechanical engineer, he has since had multiple careers and life experiences connecting with nature. This includes work with the Somerset Wildlife Trust and in the Amazon Rain Forest, as Director of The Good Gardeners’ Association (2000-2011), and as a craft cider maker and carpenter, returning now to soil health and nutrition.

Let’s have a new conversation about measuring Food Quality and question the need for labelling

Fungi Tent

Numerous studies have questioned whether organically certified food is more nutritious than conventionally grown food, with conflicting results. In 2007, it was suggested that, ’Conventional farmers who are closest to organic practices can be better than the worst organic farmer’ In 2017, the Bionutrient Food Association began developing a Bionutrient Scanner to measure food quality […]