Mike Redwood

Mike Redwood


Mike Redwood studied Leather Science at Leeds University and has been involved in the leather industry continuously for around 60 years. A 2nd generation tanner, he has worked in the U.K, Europe, Latin America and Asia. He was a Visiting Professor in Leather at Northampton University and a part-time Teaching Fellow in Marketing at Bath University. He helped establish Leather Naturally as an international non-for-profit organisation educating about responsibly made leather by providing trusted facts and inspiration for consumers, designers and brands. He is a Trustee of the Leather Conservation Centre and writes a weekly Opinion Column for International Leather Maker magazine.

Reviving Hides & Skins as Valued Livestock Products

The Study

For regenerative livestock to be viable and sustainable, the non-edible outputs must be considered and valued. Historically, abattoirs were able to derive significant value from hides and skins but the market and infrastructure for these has largely collapsed due to the rise of synthetics and cheap imports. Yet these products not only make full use […]