Patrick Barker

Patrick Barker


The Barkers farm a 1,300-acre arable farm in North Suffolk. The farm is a family-owned partnership, with Patrick and his cousin Brian running the farming and environmental contracting business. Situated on clay soil, the farm grows cereals, spring linseed, spring beans and herbage grass seed. They’re proof that it’s possible to farm intensively while also restoring our wild isles. Healthy soil is a priority at Lodge Farm, because it supports a wider range of wildlife, stores carbon and helps to prevent flooding and drought. The Barkers have encouraged good soil structure by reducing the amount they plough and minimising their use of pesticides. They’ve nurtured old hedgerows and planted new ones, restored ponds, and planted wildflowers on margins and meadows. They welcomed barn owls back to the farm in 2009 and now have five pairs breeding and successfully raising chicks.

Save Our Wild Isles Hungry for Change: A Role for All

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Screening of Hungry for Change, part of a new major ‘Save Our Wild Isles’ campaign centred around the flagship BBC TV Wild Isles series showcasing the importance of UK nature. This film has been developed by Silverback Films, in collaboration with the National Trust, RSPB and WWF, to raise awareness of the nature and climate […]